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The name’s Luke. I’m a traveling elopement and intimate wedding photographer, as well as an all-around professional third wheel based out of the Midwest.  My favorite things in the world are eating cold pizza for breakfast and traveling, and when I’m not shooting or editing weddings you’ll find me playing simulation games or chilling on the sofa with my two doggos, Oscar and Roscoe. 


I couldn’t live without music, my camera, or my car. I spend a lot of time planning future adventures and nothing makes me happier than traveling around the world and adding new stamps to my passport. I even studied abroad in Austria for nine months!

My love of photography is what inspired me to become a wedding photographer. I’ve been a photographer for 9 years doing newspaper coverage, landscapes, my own artsy side-projects, and photographing concerts and theater and it’s honestly the best job ever.


The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to create art and experience so many incredibly meaningful days in people's lives. (And, you know, be paid to attend their parties. Heh.) 

My couples just want good photography, and the last thing they want is a photographer who bosses them around and takes over their wedding day. 

My wedding photography style is dramatic, artistic, and fun. I capture all the romantic and fleeting moments, and let you focus on having a fabulous day. For me the best bit about a wedding day is the portrait session – it’s so intimate and beautiful capturing what’s unique about a relationship.


Your wedding is all about love and laughter. You don’t care about having all the “things” or formalities – you just want to have a hell of a party with your best friend.


If this sounds like you and you like the sound of how I work, get in touch! :)

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