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Sierra + Michael | Sedona, Arizona Destination Couples Photography

You never know where you might find your soulmate - while movies lead us to believe it'll be at a party or while bumping into someone in the hallway in high school, Sierra and Michael found each other at the bank, of all places. Michael worked as a teller and Sierra was a customer, and their lives would never be the same.

I don't know if I believe everything people say about the mystic energies centered in Sedona. All I know is we were talking about hot air balloons and they suddenly appeared over the mountain.

I met these two online and when I told them when I would be in Arizona, they asked to schedule a session for their third anniversary. Who was I to refuse? We met up at the base of Doe Mountain in Sedona at sunrise and hiked to the top for their session.

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Uhhh, it's probably (hopefully!) kinda obvious if you've made it this far on my site and if you've seen my social media, but I'm here to document and celebrate ALL love stories – regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, yada yada yada :) Seriously, I'm here for you and I can't wait to help document your story because it absolutely needs to be told!!

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