You don't need to have a big, traditional wedding if that's not your speed

The word "elopement" used to be synonymous with a courthouse quickie, but that is no longer the case. Every year, more and more couples worldwide are choosing to take the path less traveled and say their vows alone on mountain tops, beaches, or at places that are meaningful to them. As an adventure elopement photographer and intimate wedding photographer, I cherish the opportunity to have a hand in creating these moments for people. 


• Would you rather spend money on an incredible experience than on physical things like table decorations and catering?

• Do you feel that a traditional wedding wouldn't feel authentic to your relationship?

• Do you want a wedding day that is intimate and intentional instead of checking off a list of societal norms and traditions you're expected to uphold?

• Are you worried that family drama could put a damper on your big day?

• Does the idea of being the center of attention from 100+ guests freak you out? (I'm totally with you there!)

• Do you want to start off your marriage with an adventure?


• Do you want your wedding day to be truly about you and your partner?


I've seen time and time again how valuable a "just us" experience is on a couple's wedding day. When you strip away the elaborate decorations, the family drama, and the pressure to entertain and to host a party for others, you get a day that celebrates your love instead of making a spectacle of it. 


Whether you want to get married on a mountain or at the place where you first met, I'll be there every step of the way to help you make sure the day you tie the knot is exciting and fulfilling, not to mention badass.

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