Warning: this page contains images of nudity. If that isn’t your style, turn away now. 


There’s nothing quite as beautifully minimal as boudoir. By removing distractions and your walls, these sessions hold a deep and vulnerable truth about yourselves and your relationship. Oh, and there’s a bit of an adrenaline rush to it as well. ;)


Boudoir (French for “bedroom”) can be incorporated into most sessions depending on location, although it fits best with in-home sessions. Whether you want to twerk with your cheeks out or you fancy a bubble bath, you can trust me to photograph it and ensure you have the best experience possible.




Q: Will our photos be posted online?

A: I’ll always ask for your permission ahead of time. Many photos may not be eligible for Instagram and could get taken down, so only milder photos would be allowed anyway.


Q: Can we not get completely naked?

A: If that’s not something you’re comfortable with, sure! For me, boudoir just means there’s more skin showing than usual and I emphasize more on light and shape. I respect your boundaries and your privacy. 


Q: What happens to our photos/how do we access them?

A: Your photos will be available in a secure password-protected online gallery. 


Q: I/we don’t have beach bodies. Is that okay?

A: Yep! I sure as hell don’t have a beach body. For me, boudoir is about capturing people’s truest selves in the most beautiful way possible. 


Q: Can we *do stuff?* ;) ;) ;)

A: I’m pretty open-minded but that’s where I draw the line lol.


Q: What are good places for boudoir?

A: Your home, a cool Airbnb or hotel room, or anywhere that’s secluded without a lot of people. There are also studios available for rent - ask me about pricing for that! 


Q: Do you photograph LGBT couple’s boudoir?

A: Of course! Being LGBTQ myself, photographing others from the community is always a pleasure.

      the great outdoors, exploring downtown, or enjoying a cozy Sunday morning at home. I want to get to know you and tell your love story authentically and beautifully. Complimentary engagement sessions are included with most wedding packages. 

     If my work resonates with you, don't hesitate to say hey! 

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